Who We care For

In Home health care patients in Rhode Island have many faces:

  • Seniors and Elderly - The senior who was just discharged from a hospital or rehab facility and must continue to receive nursing and therapy at home.
  • Injury - The individual who is recovering from an illness or injury and requires a nurse or therapist at home.
  • Disabled - The frail elder or disabled adult who needs daily or twice daily assistance with activities of daily living.
  • Special Needs - The special needs child or adult who needs a CNA or nurse to provide before or after school care, or even to accompany the child to school.

Home Care Checklist

Did your hospital, rehab. facility, or social worker arrange for your home care without consulting you? The choice of your home care provider is always yours.

Is your provider licensed by and in good standing with the RI Department of Health?

Have you considered hiring a caregiver via the newspaper? Bad idea! Look at our Home Care section to find out why.

Can your nursing or therapy agency offer long term CNA or homemaker services? Can CNA or homemaker agency offer nursing, therapy, or other services, should you need them?

Does your provider offer "cookie cutter" services, or can they manage your core to give you just the services you really need? We can! Look at our Services section to see how.

Home Care

These are a few examples of home health care needs. But how is home care arranged? Who organizes it all? How is it paid for?

Depending on the age, income, and medical status of the individual, there may be one or more payer sources like Medicare, Medicaid, long term care insurance, or an HMO. In some cases, the patient may pay privately.

There are in home health care providers who offer nursing and therapy for which Medicare pays, but they can’t offer a daily CNA visit. Other providers may offer a CNA or homemaker, but if skilled nursing or therapies are needed the patient must search for a new provider. Community Care Nurses will arrange for all needed skilled and unskilled services.

Some in home health care providers will not accept Medicaid patients. Community Care Nurses welcomes Medicaid recipients. We are participating providers in RI Department of Human Services and RI Department of Elderly Affairs home care programs.

* CNAs (certified nursing assistants) must be certified by the RI Dept. of Health, and may work in home care only under the direction and supervision of a licensed home care agency. Some unlicensed companion agencies offer “homemakers” which are merely untrained and uncertified companions. Hiring a CNA privately violates RI Dept. of Health regulations, and risks the consequences of allowing an unethical caregiver into your home. Local police departments routinely receive reports off theft, injury, and exploitation of home care patients by privately hired help. Always use a licensed home care provider like Community Care Nurses. All of our staff is screened, insured, and bonded.

We will answer your questions about in home health care, assist you in planning your care, and provide you with dependable, gentle, highest quality home health services in Rhode Island ( RI ). No need to contact several providers. Call Community Care Nurses at (401) 295-8862.