• Registered Home Health Care Nurses * - Provide skilled assessment, patient education, service coordination; maintain special medical equipment, and work closely with your physician to implement your plan of care at home in Rhode Island.
  • Licensed Practical Nurses - Home health care nurses provide specialized care, patient education, and administer treatments and medications in your home.
  • Home Health Aides - RI Department of Health Certified Nursing Assistants provide personal care such as bathing and dressing, assistance with ambulation, meal preparation, helps with activities of daily living, and assistance with light housekeeping and home management.
  • Social Service * - Social workers provide assessment and assist in accessing resources which may provide needed social, financial, and community services.
  • Rehabilitative Therapies * - Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapists provide a variety of therapies in your home directed at achieving your maximum independence.
  • Individual Case Management - Each client receives a specialized plan of care prepared by a registered nurse who will visit you before service begins. Throughout the duration of service, the care plan is monitored and changed as the client’s needs change.

Home Care Checklist

Did your hospital, rehab. facility, or social worker arrange for your home care without consulting you? The choice of your home care provider is always yours.

Is your provider licensed by and in good standing with the RI Department of Health?

Have you considered hiring a caregiver via the newspaper? Bad idea! Look at our Home Care section to find out why.

Can your nursing or therapy agency offer long term CNA or homemaker services? Can CNA or homemaker agency offer nursing, therapy, or other services, should you need them?

Does your provider offer "cookie cutter" services, or can they manage your core to give you just the services you really need? We can! Look at our Services section to see how.

* These services are partially or fully provided by our Capitol Home Care Network affiliate partners.

Home health care nurses are available from Community Care Nurses for clients in Rhode Island.